Special noodle restaurant catering chain franchise should be investigated to determine the expanded business products.
Whether the previous products can meet the existing consumption demand, consumption environment and level positioning after expansion. At the same time, there should be a formed management mode. Have a good operation and management team, have a clear division of labor, financial accounting, whether the warehouse in and out is complete? Whether various rules and regulations are complete? At the same time, we should understand the following key points!
1) Where are you now? Your catering business has been in operation for several years. Is there a system and standard in the current operation and management mode.
2) Capital supply? Whether there are enough funds to promote the process of enterprise expansion.
3) Can the products operated be recognized by consumers develop? It refers to the products or services you operate, which can no longer meet the existing consumers. You are waiting in line for meals every day or the time is ripe, and the store may be expanded.
4) Is there a unique brand? Taking this into account before expansion can enable enterprises to have their own unique brand protection in the process of expansion. Catering franchise is not as brand substitution as dry cleaning franchise.
5) The manual of management, operation and system shall be completed, and the financial management shall be detailed. Computerized management and special software can be used.
6) The cost control system should be improved, including full-time purchasing personnel.
To invest in chain catering, we should first examine the market of this project, and pay attention to the following problems: 1. We should review the franchise qualification of catering chain franchisees. Investors and franchisees should ask for and review their filing materials from catering chain franchisees to determine their legality.
Second, understand the enterprise brand awareness of catering chain franchisors, and whether the local situation is consistent with the publicity. Whether it is true.
Nowadays, enterprise competition is no longer expressed directly in the competition between products, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to eat, they often have to decide which hotel or restaurant to eat before deciding what to eat; Even if he decides what to eat first, he must decide where to eat. Therefore, choosing a catering chain franchisor with good popularity and excellent corporate brand image is a necessary condition for successful entrepreneurship.
Catering chain franchisees with excellent brand image must have the following four characteristics: more prominent flavor characteristics and higher technical content; Higher social reputation; Longer communication history and more cultural connotation; Better economic benefits and greater social impact.
Third, investigate the development history and development stage of catering chain franchisors
At present, the average life cycle of Chinese enterprises is 2.5 ~ 3 years, of which the investment payback period is 8 ~ 18 months and the growth period is 18 ~ 28 months, while the establishment and improvement period of chain franchise system takes 24 months. Obviously, it is reassuring to choose a long-standing catering chain franchisor.
But this is not an absolute reference standard, because there are some emerging businesses with great development potential.
Fourth, inspect whether the direct stores and franchise stores operated by the catering chain franchisors operate normally
When choosing a good catering chain franchisor, we should fully understand whether its direct stores and franchise stores are in good operation, whether there is stable operating profit, whether the profit prospect has follow-up, etc.
Fifth, catering chain franchisors should have a perfect enterprise operation and management organization structure system
A good catering chain franchisor should have a reasonable organization, clear functions, scientific and efficient operation and management organization, so that each chain store can operate efficiently.
It can be evaluated from the following aspects: whether there is a sound financial management system, a perfect human resource management system, new product R & D and innovation ability, a perfect logistics distribution system, an overall operation management and supervision system, as well as an advanced, scientific, standardized and reproducible product production management support system, etc.
For food quality problems, investors should judge whether they have passed the ISO9000 certification or not according to the following standards: 1. Whether they have an independent quality control and management department; 2. Whether there is the following quality management document system: comprehensive and detailed quality manual documents; Detailed quality control plan documents; Standardized quality control procedure documents; Authentic quality records; Full time quality internal auditors; And perfect food safety management system.
Sixth, catering chain franchisees should provide comprehensive support for opening
Its good support should include: 1. Selection of regional market and business district. 2. Staffing and recruitment; 3. Regional market product positioning and regional product development; 4. Pre job training; 5. Preparation for opening.
The so-called "regional market business district selection" support includes: providing, for example, assisting franchisees to complete the local business district survey; Provide franchisees with appropriate business district partition guarantee; When the franchised restaurant franchisee joins more in the elite business circle, it should provide store guarantee for adding new points in the same area. Reserve competition guarantee space for franchisees when competition in the same industry occurs.
Seventh, the catering chain franchisor should have a reasonable and complete franchise contract and franchise manual
Franchise contract is a legal document that stipulates the relationship between franchisors and franchise stores and franchise rights and obligations. It is also the basis of the development form of franchise business and the basis for the development of franchise system. The franchise manual is the programmatic guidance document for the daily operation of franchise stores.
According to the practice, the franchisor of catering chain shall agree with the investor to bring it back for review within 7 working days, and the investor can judge from the following aspects: fairness, rationality, legitimacy, affordability of expenses, regional restrictions, timeliness, operability, etc.

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